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Council Tax Support Scheme

Information about the council tax support scheme.

2013 - 2014

From 1st April 2013, the national Council Tax Benefit scheme was replaced with a Local Council Tax Support scheme. Due to reductions in government funding a number of local authorities introduced 'local' schemes that meant working age applicants, who had nothing to pay under the previous national Council Tax Benefit scheme, would now have some Council Tax to pay.

Following a period of consultation, Broxtowe Borough Council, chose to fund the cut in the central government grant and not pass this on to vulnerable and low income households by introducing a local Council Tax Support Scheme that very much mirrored the previous national scheme. This meant that all applicants entitled to maximum Council Tax Support would continue to receive 100% of their Council Tax liability.

2014 - 2015

From April 2014, Broxtowe Borough Council has again decided to fund the cut in the central government grant and maintain the current Council Tax Support scheme as it is. Government up-ratings to various allowances, premiums, incomes and non-dependant deductions will be taken into account, however any resident of the borough who is entitled to maximum Council Tax Support will continue to receive 100% of their Council Tax liability.

What is Council Tax Support?
It is a means tested support scheme which aims to help people who are on a Department for Work and Pensions benefit, have low paid jobs or low incomes to pay their Council Tax. The support scheme rules are set and administered by Broxtowe Borough Council.  No money is paid, instead the Council Tax bill is reduced by the amount of support awarded. Please click on the Council Tax Support Scheme document link for further information.

Who is classed as Working Age?
People who apply for Council Tax Support and are aged between 18 years and State Pension Qualifying Age are classed as working age. It is this group of people that will be mostly affected by the cut in Government funding. Broxtowe Borough Council, however, has chosen to fund the shortfall so that all working age claimants should not see a difference between the previous Council Tax Benefit Scheme and the new local Council Tax Support scheme.

Who is protected from these changes?
Pensioners are protected from these changes and people who fall into the vulnerable group which can be, people who are in receipt of a War Pension, working age claimants who meet the criteria for a disability premium, child disability premium, enhanced disability premium or a severe disability premium, and the support component of Employment and Support Allowance.

I am a pensioner, will my entitlement change?
Due to the Government's annual increases in state pensions and non-dependant uprating figures, if you have an increase in your state pension or have adults living in your households, your entitlement may change.

I currently receive 25% single persons discount off my Council Tax Bill, will I still get this?
This will continue until another adult moves into your household or if a person in your family who lives with you reaches the age of 18.

Who can apply for Council Tax Support?
Anyone who is liable for Council Tax can apply. In the case of couples, a joint application should be made. The amount of support awarded is based on the number of people living in the household, the amount of money coming in, the level of any capital or savings, the age and circumstances of the people living in the household and the Council Tax charge.

For more information on Council Tax Support and other benefits you may be entitled to, please refer to the 'Nottinghamshire County Council: Welfare Benefits' link found under the Offsite Links section of this page.

What is the maximum Council Tax Support I can get?
Support can be up to 100% of the Council Tax bill for any applicant.

If you are eligible, you can check how much Council Tax Support you may get using the Benefits Adviser.

 How can I apply for Council Tax Support if I have never claimed before?

  • Apply online by clicking on the Housing Benefit and Council Tax Support Form under the Online Forms section within this page.
  • Download a Housing Benefit/Council Tax Support application form from the Documents Section located on this page.
  • Request an application form by telephoning 0115 917 77 77.
  • Write to or visit the Council Offices. See Contact Us for full address.

You will be required to supply original documents to prove your identification, income and capital in support of your application, details are on the form.

If you need to speak to someone about any matters concerning a claim for Council Tax Support, please refer to the Contact Us section within this page.

How will I know how much Council Tax Support I will get?
Once your application form and supporting evidence is received, your award will be calculated. A notification informing you of your award figure and details of how it has been calculated will be issued to you along with a revised Council Tax Bill. You must apply on time to prevent loss of support that you may be entitled to. In general Council Tax Support will only be paid from the date the claim was received or from the following Monday.

What date will my claim start from?

When a claim is made direct to the Council, entitlement generally begins on the Monday following receipt of the claim, even if the claim is received on a Monday. However, a claim may be backdated for a maximum of 6 months for Working Age Claimants and 3 months for Non Working Age Claimants (depending on your circumstances) from when a request is made, where the claimant can show "good cause" as to why the claim was not made earlier.

What evidence/documentation needs to be provided to support my application?

Certain documentation needs to be provided when applying for Council Tax Support. For confirmation of what documents are required, please contact us directly. Any original documents provided are returned, and any copies taken are kept for four weeks, after which they are confidentially destroyed.

How long will it take to process my application?

Broxtowe Borough Council aim to process new applications, once all supporting evidence has been received, within 19 calendar days.

If you are already in receipt of an award and notify a change in your circumstances Broxtowe Borough Council aim to process the change within 7 calendar days.

Why do I have to pay more Council Tax compared to a friend who lives in a neighbouring Council?
Each Council sets its own annual Council Tax charge and provides a Council Tax Support scheme with its own set of rules. These will vary from Council to Council due to amount of funding they receive from the Government.

Why does my neighbour pay less Council Tax than I do, when we both have the same financial circumstances?
Council Tax Support is calculated based on a number of things individual to each household, such as the age of the applicants, how many people live in a property, how much income and capital is being received, and whether applicants are in receipt of any disability type benefits.

I have had a change in my circumstances since I last claimed Council Tax Support what should I do?
If you receive Council Tax Support and have had any change in circumstances since you last claimed, such as a person may have moved in or out of your property, or you may have had an increase in your income, savings or capital you must tell us.

  •  Apply online by clicking on the Online application form under the Online Forms section of this page
  •  Download and complete a change of circumstances form; or
  •  Telephone 0115 917 77 77 and report the change
  •  Write to or visit the Council Offices

What can I do if I am unhappy with the level of support I am awarded?
Once you have received your award notice and if you disagree with the information used in the calculation, you can ask us to look at your assessment again. Please contact the Council using the details provided under the Contact Us section of this page.

Can I request a statement of reasons/ask for a revision/make an appeal?

For further information on requesting a statement of reasons/ask for revision/ make an appeal, please click on the page titled 'Revisions and Appeals for Council Tax Support' from the navigation of this page.

How can I find out more information about the Council Tax Support Scheme?

If you require further information please contact our Customer Services Department using the details provided under the Contact Us Section of this page.

Page Last Updated: 11/11/2015

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