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Garden Waste Collections

Garden Waste prices April 2016 to March 2017

Charges for the period April 2016 - March 2017 (inclusive) Brown Bin

Great news! The price for next years garden waste service commencing April 2016 will remain the same as this years.

£30 for 1 brown-lidded bin and then £10 for each additional bin.

For example: a property with one brown-lidded bin will pay £30, a property with two brown-lidded bins will pay £40 etc.

How to Join

You can either pay for the service:

  • On-line this is the preferred method Garden Waste Collection Service
  • For single and multiple bin payments using a debit or credit card call the contact centre on 0115 917 7777 and select option 3.

For further information please see the related articles, offsite links and documents.

Important garden waste information!

Please remember that your garden waste will be collected on the same day as your green-lidded recycling bin.

If it is not emptied use the 'Missed bin collection' page to find ways to report a missed bin.

The Benefits of the Garden Waste Service

  • Collections are all year round.
  • Offers a hassle-free solution in comparison to taking your garden waste to the Local Household Waste and Recycling Site.
  • Offers a sustainable and environmentally friendly alternative to garden waste disposal.

The Service

Collections for garden waste run fortnightly throughout the year and take place from brown-lidded bins on the same day as your green-lidded bin. They will run fortnightly throughout the year. All bins should be out by 7am, with their bins lids closed. No side waste will be taken.

Details of Terms and conditions and Frequently Asked Questions can be found by clicking on the relevant link.

Page Last Updated: 25/01/2016