Glass Collections

To extend the life of your bag and to avoid deterioration from sunlight and the weather, please store your bag under cover. Please note glass will only be collected from the kerbside in the bags that we supply.

Did you know that you can put out up to 4 bags?

Need more bags?

By visiting Bag Request Form under Online Forms, you will be able to request additional kerbside glass bags (up to a maximum of 4 per household).

Red-lidded glass binRed Lidded Bin

You can now purchase the use of a 140l red-lidded glass bin for a one-off administration and delivery charge of £21. In order to obtain a bin you will need to pay first and you can do this by calling the contact centre on 0115 917 7777.

How does the scheme work?

Your glass bag/red-lidded bin is emptied on a 4 weekly cycle and can be used to store all types of glass bottles and jars.

All colours can be mixed together, there is no need to separate.

Please remove any lids and rinse out before placing in the bag.

Put your bag/red-lidded bin out on your relevant collection day, by 7am. For collection dates please click here.

A Handy Glass Recycling Video

What can be recycled using the kerbside glass bag
Yes PleaseNo Thank you
Beer bottlesLight bulbs
Glass bottlesBroken glass
Wine bottlesDrinks glasses
Spirit bottlesSpectacles
Sauce bottlesWindow glass
Jam jarsPyrex
Pickle jarsChina
Medicine bottlesFluorescent tubes
Beer bottlesLight bulbs

What happens to the glass?Glass in Pile

The glass collected from your house will be taken to the Council's Work depot at Kimberley, where it is bulked before being collected by the glass processor.

The glass will then be recycled into more bottles and jars or it is used as an aggregate for road building.


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