Black-Lidded Refuse Bin

Information regarding the black-lidded refuse bin and the provision/replacement of wheeled bins.

Black-lidded refuse bin

Broxtowe Borough Council operates an alternate weekly collection service between refuse (black-lidded bin) and recyclables (green-lidded bin), along with a chargeable fortnightly collection of garden waste and monthly collections of glass and textiles.

Assisted Collections

If you are elderly, infirm or registered disabled, we are able to collect your bins/bags from a specified location. Please contact customer services for further information.

Replacement wheeled bins

If your bin has been damaged, lost or stolen then the council will replacement it free of charge. All replacement bins are delivered within 5 working days.

Bins provided can be new or refurbished. They will be serviceable and clean. If you wish for a serviceable bin to be exchanged for a new one then a charge will be incurred. Please contact Customer Services for further details.

Additional wheeled bins for residual waste to existing residential properties

Additional black-lidded bins can be provided where the household meets certain criteria (see table below).  The service is subject to verification by an inspector and a service/delivery charge payable in advance.

Additional wheeled containers
No. of ResidentsChildren Under 5Black Bin Size (size - litre)Additional Black Bin (size - litre)Green recycling Bin (size - litre)
1 140No140
2 - 4 240No240
5 - 8No240140240
5 - 8Yes240240240
9 or moreN/A240240240

New Developments

In accordance with the  Environmental Protection Act 1990 the Council charge developers a single payment for the first time provision of wheeled bins to new properties constructed after 1999. This represents a contribution towards the cost of supply,installation and any ongoing maintenance or repair of the bins.

Provision of bins to newly built properties is the responsibility of the developer, if you move into a new build and there is no provision for waste disposal please contact your developer.

Provision varies dependent on property type from two 240ltr bins for each standard domestic residence  up to 1100ltr bulk bins for properties in multiple occupancy.

Please note the following:-

  • All bins will be supplied by Broxtowe Borough Council and remain the property of Broxtowe Borough Council.
  • For multiple provision individual addresses must be provided by the purchaser for the collection service to commence.
  • All payments must be made in advance (electronically or cheque) prior to containers being installed.

Prices for individual bins are as below and are exclusive of VAT:-

Bin size - Provision of wheeled containers
Bin SizeCost (£)
240ltr wheeled bin52.00 (pair)
1100ltr wheeled bin for residual wastePrice on application
1100ltr wheeled bin for recyclable wastePrice on application

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T: (0115) 917 7777

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