Collection of textiles and shoes from the kerbside.

Our aim is to increase recycling and reduce the amount of textiles and shoes being disposed of in the black-lidded bin.

How does the service work?

Collections take place on the same day as your kerbside glass. Please check your calendar for further details.

Please follow the instructions below.

1. Bag It 2. Tie It 3. Recycle It

The Council will not be providing any bags for textile collections. Please use carrier bag(s) or white bin bag(s). No black bags.

If you already use the services of local charities please continue to do so.

What textiles can we accept?

What We Accept What We Accept - 2 What We Accept - 3

No Thank You!

Oily items, Carpets, Duvets, Cushions, Pillows, Quilts and Sleeping Bags

What will happen to the textiles after collection?

After the textiles have been collected they are taken to Giltbrook Transfer Station where they are bulked together and sent to a textile recycling company. The clothes and textiles are then graded and baled into appropriate sizes before being shipped abroad. If the clothing cannot be resold it is shredded and made in to cleaning cloths.

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T: (0115) 917 7777

Page Last Updated: 01/03/2016