You can pay your business rates by monthly instalments and your business rates demand notice tells you when payments are due.

If you do not pay your instalment when it is due, we will send you a reminder which says you must pay all the instalments you owe within seven days. If you do not, you will lose the right to pay by instalments and you will have to pay the full amount on your account immediately.

We will only send you one reminder every financial year.

If you do not pay the amount on the reminder, we will start legal proceedings to recover the money you owe.

If we do this, you will have to pay extra costs. We will apply to the Nottingham Magistrates' Court for a summons to be issued against you for the full amount of business rates you owe. This cost is £75 which we will add to the amount you owe.

If we still do not receive your payment, we will apply for a liability order.

Please do not ignore the summons because if you do not pay we could send an enforcement agent to collect the debt, and if ultimately the enforcement agent cannot recover the debt, we can ask the Magistrates' Court to commit you to prison.

We can also start bankruptcy or liquidation proceedings against you or your company.

We would prefer not to do any of these things to recover the money you owe as they will only increase the amount you already owe.

Do not ignore the notices we send you. It will only make matters worse. If you are having difficulty paying you should contact the Business Rates Section.

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