Bailiff Changes 2014

A change in legislation could mean residents and businesses pay more in fees from 6 April 2014.

Enforcement agents have replaced bailiffs from that date and under the taking Control of Goods (Fee) Regulations 2014 the new fixed fees that an enforcement agent may recover from a debtor when carrying out enforcement work are detailed below.

The new charging structure is summarised as follows:-

  • Residents and businesses will now have to pay a £75 compliance fee as soon as the Council passes an unpaid account to the agent to collect.
  • They will also have to pay a further enforcement fee of at least £235 if they do not make arrangements to pay or default on payments and a visit becomes necessary.
  • They will also have to pay at least a further £110 at the sale or disposal stage.
  • A further 7.5% fee can be charged on any additional amount above £1,500 (not including any fees) although this is only chargeable at the enforcement or sale/disposal stage.

The key message to all residents and ratepayers who get into arrears with their Council Tax or Business Rates is not to get caught out by increased fees. They are urged to contact the Council sooner rather than later on 0115 9177777 or a free advice agency such as the Citizen Advice Bureau, details of which can be found under Offsite Links.

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