Broxtowe Borough Council is twinned with Gutersloh in Germany & Myszków in Poland.


In 1978 the Broxtowe Twinning Association was created to develop links with our twin town of Gütersloh. Since then a great number of partnerships have been developed including, business links, education and sporting links and personal friendships. In 2003 the Twinning Association reviewed it's aims and changed it's emphasis to become a friendship group.

Gütersloh is situated at the heart of North Rhine-Westphalia in the West of Germany. It is the capital of the Gütersloh district. The town's area is about 110 km² with a population of almost 100,000 inhabitants.

Gütersloh is an industrial town with about 5,000 companies, two of which are the major employers Miele, who manufacture and distribute electrical goods and Bertelsmann, who are a major media organisation, both of these companies operate throughout the world.

Gütersloh is more than 800 years old, but the first authentic record of the name is recorded in a document signed by the Bishop of Osnabrück in 1184. The beautiful town centre has a number of carefully designed contemporary buildings, structures of steel and glass, blended with the timber buildings of the late 17th to the 19th century.

The history of Gütersloh can be seen in the museum of local history, or experienced by walking through the old town centre, where all of the historic buildings are located.

The town provides a wide range of opportunities for leisure activities. There are a number of parks, sports fields and swimming pools etc., which are open to the public.

A large number of hotels and guesthouses provide rooms for tourists and travelling business people. The range of shops in the town is very attractive to the people of the district and meets the needs of everyone.

The selection of cultural attractions includes festivals, exhibitions of art and crafts, museums, concerts of local choirs and musicians, dance performances, theatre and various churches, which provide their own programme.

Gütersloh is twinned with Broxtowe Borough (GB), Châteauroux (F), Grudziadz (PL) and Falun (S).


The Borough of Broxtowe  entered into a Friendship and Co-operation agreement with the Myszków County in southern Poland in 2006. This was renewed in March 2014.

The Friendship and Cooperation agreement is a modern version of the traditional "Twinning" process in which Broxtowe has been involved for some 33 years with the town of Gütersloh.

The main benefits to both communities that are incorporated into the document are:

  • Improved service delivery by learning from others
  • Demonstrating how communities can work together to access funding
  • Increased awareness of cultural diversity
  • Member development; exchanging experiences with colleagues in other countries
  • Bringing communities together, increasing international understanding and promoting community partnerships
  • Civic pride; by promoting the benefits of our own communities
  • Enhancing youth activities; as an experience of life in other countries, as an aid to future international employment
  • Education; providing real possibilities for communities to learn in new environments
  • Economic and business development, including co-operation to support and promote tourism.


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