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Coat of Arms

Information about the Broxtowe Coat of Arms.
Broxtowe Coat of Arms

The Broxtowe Coat of Arms is made up of four main parts and is a composite of crests combined to form the Broxtowe Borough Council Crest.

On the shield there are three bears from the Basford family arms which were on the former Basford Rural District Council seal.

The two honey bees and the wavy bands are from the Beeston and Stapleford Arms, the bees are for industry and the two wavy lines, the Rivers Trent and Erewash.

The black and white lozenge is adapted from the seal of the former Eastwood Urban District Council and symbolises coal mining.

The helmet is that of an Esquire and signifies that Broxtowe is a Local Authority and the circlet above is that of a Borough Council. This is topped by a Badger which is known by the old English nickname 'brock' and forms part of the Borough.

Page Last Updated: 16/09/2011