Planning Policy

The Borough's forward planning is contained in two documents, the Broxtowe Local Plan (2004) and Core Strategy (2014).

The preparation of the Core Strategy is now complete and it was adopted on 17th September 2014. A legal challenge to quash part of the Core Strategy was dismissed on 21st April 2015. Appendix E of the Core Strategy provides details of which policies in the 2004 Local Plan are saved.

The next stage of plan preparation is the Site Allocations and Development Management Policies Plans, and details of these can be found in the Local Development Scheme.

When adopted these plans together with the Core Strategy will comprise development plan documents.

All Development Plan Documents must be subject to rigorous procedures of community involvement, consultation and independent examination. They can only be adopted after receipt of an Inspector's binding report.

As each planning policy document is adopted as part of the Local Development Framework, elements of the existing Local Plan will be replaced. When all documents have been adopted the 2004 Local Plan will no longer be part of the development plan.

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Planning Policy

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