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Beeston West End

A historical background on the conservation area of Beeston West End.
Beeston West End

The Beeston West End Conservation Area was designated in 1976, the first to be established in the town and fourth in the Borough. It is situated directly south of Beeston town centre and, at its north-west boundary, adjoins the recently designated St John's Grove Conservation Area. The area displays a range of historic buildings and structures including some of the town's oldest properties, many of which are included in the statutory list for their architectural or historic merit.

The Conservation Area contains a substantial proportion of community uses, as well as residential properties. These include two churches, the Manor Surgery, the police station and a public house. The residential accommodation is largely low-density development, as in West End where listed buildings lie behind stretches of high, old brick wall.

On the site of the former Town Hall annexe, Dovecote Lane, the Borough Council has developed "The Willows", providing sheltered accommodation. The Willows won a DoE award for its high design standards and represents a good example of how modern buildings can be successfully fitted into a Conservation Area setting.

The wide range of building uses, together with the area's narrow streets, old brick walls and mature trees create a village-like atmosphere. It is this character which the Conservation Area seeks to protect.

Beeston West End Conservation Area Appraisal was adopted on 29th March 2011, including designation of a boundary change.

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