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Chilwell, Cottage Grove

A historical background on the conservation area of Cottage Grove, Chilwell.
Cottage Grove Conservation Area

The land where Grove Avenue and Park Road now exist was acquired by the Labourers' Friend Society under the agency of James Orange. James Orange was a local campaigner on behalf of the poor during the economic depression of the 1840s. He published a pamphlet, "A Plea for the Poor", in 1841, in which he put forward a "Cottage Garden Plan" to help alleviate the suffering of the framework knitters of Nottinghamshire during the depression. Shortly after 1845 the land was acquired for the Chilwell Allotment and Forest Grove schemes. Apparently the scheme was unsuccessful and the plots were gradually sold off for piecemeal private development. However, the area today still exhibits a "garden-like" appearance.

At its meeting on 1st July 2008, the Council's Cabinet designated "Cottage Grove", Chilwell as a Conservation Area to include land around Grove Avenue and Park Road. A map is available on the right. The area today is residential, comprising housing of various dates, from Victorian detached and semi-detached villas to modern detached properties. The oldest building appears to be the Hop Pole Inn (b. 1847), which is at the edge of the proposed conservation area. A few cottages of dark brown local brick, dating from about 1850, are apparent but the majority of the properties fall within the period 1870's to 1930's. There are a few bungalows and one three storey house but most of the properties are of two storey. Almost all of the buildings are set back from the road in leafy gardens. Tall, mature trees, some pollarded, line both sides of the street for much of its length.

The predominant character is of intimate enclosure and separation from the surrounding area. The main factors which contribute to this feeling are: a large number of tall, mature trees; narrow streets with no footpaths; and leafy gardens with tall and thick privet hedging at the road side.

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