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Where no time is shown, please check by contacting Democratic Services. Contact details provided.

Please note that both the date and the venue of the meeting may be subject to change.

  • NCC - New Council Chamber
  • OCC - Old Council Chamber
  • BRC - Bramcote Crematorium
  • CH - County Hall, Nottinghamshire County Council
  • N&S - Newark & Sherwood District Council
  • TBC - To be confirmed

All agendas are available in large print on prior request to the Democratic Services section.


Upcoming Meetings 2016/17

All meetings to take place in the New Council Chamber unless stated otherwise.

9 January 2017Finance and Resources Committee7.00pm
10 January 2017Leisure and Environment Committee7.00pm
11 January 2017Planning Committee7.00pm
17 January 2017Housing Committee7.00pm
18 January 2017Policy and Performance Committee7.00pm
19 January 2017Community Safety Committee7.00pm
26 January 2017Jobs and Economy Committee7.00pm
31 January 2017Licensing and Appeals CommitteeCancelled
31 January 2017Leisure and Environment Committee7.00pm
06 February 2017Finance and Resources Committee7.00pm
8 February 2017Planning Committee7.00pm
23 February 2017Jobs and Economy Committee7.00pm
1 March 2017Council7.00pm
2 March 2017Community Safety Committee7.00pm
7 March 2017Alcohol and Entertainments Committee10.00am
8 March 2017Policy and Performance Committee7.00pm
14 March 2017Leisure and Environment Committee7.00pm
16 March 2017Jobs and Economy Committee7.00pm
20 March 2017Finance and Resources Committee7.00pm
27 March 2017Governance, Audit and Standards Committee7.00pm
19 April 2017Planning Committee7.00pm
20 April 2017Community Safety Committee7.00pm
17 May 2017Council7.00pm
24 May 2017Planning Committee7.00pm
6 June 2017Housing Committee7.00pm
8 June 2017Jobs and Economy Committee7.00pm
13 June 2017Licensing and Appeals10.00am
14 June 2017Leisure and Environment Committee7.00pm
20 June 2017Alcohol and Entertainments10.00am
21 June 2017Planning Committee7.00pm
22 June 2017Bramcote Bereavement Joint Services Committee6.30pm
26 June 2017Governance, Audit and Standards Committee7.00pm
29 June 2017Community Safety Committee7.00pm
4 July 2017Policy and Performance Committee7.00pm
12 July 2017Planning Committee7.00pm
13 July 2017Finance and Resources Committee7.00pm
19 July 2017Council7.00pm
27 July 2017Annual Borough Parish7.00pm
12 September 2017Alcohol and Entertainments Committee10.00am
13 September 2017Planning Committee7.00pm
14 September 2017Jobs and Economy Committee7.00pm
19 September 2017Housing Committee7.00pm
21 September 2017Community Safety Committee7.00pm
25 September 2017Governance, Audit and Standards Committee7.00pm
26 September 2017Licensing and Appeals Committee10.00am
27 September 2017Leisure and Environment Committee7.00pm
3 October 2017Policy and Performance Committee7.00pm
11 October 2017Planning Committee7.00pm
12 October 2017Finance and Resources Committee7.00pm
18 October 2017Council7.00pm
1 November 2017Housing Committee7.00pm
2 November 2017Jobs and Economy Committee7.00pm
8 November 2017Planning Committee7.00pm
9 November 2017Community Safety Committee7.00pm
15 November 2017Leisure and Environment Committee7.00pm
21 November 2017Policy and Performance Committee7.00pm
28 November 2017Alcohol and Entertainments Committee7.00pm
30 November 2017Finance and Resources Committee7.00pm
4 December 2017Governance, Audit and Standards Committee7.00pm
6 December 2017Planning Committee7.00pm
13 December 2017Council7.00pm
8 January 2018Finances and Resources Committee7.00pm
9 January 2018Planning Committee7.00pm
16 January 2018Licensing and Appeals Committee10.00am
17 January 2018Housing Committee7.00pm
18 January 2018Community Safety Committee7.00pm
24 January 2018Leisure and Environment Committee7.00pm
25 January 2018Jobs and Economy Committee7.00pm
31 January 2018Council7.00pm
6 February 2018Policy and Performance Committee7.00pm
13 February 2018Planning Committee7.00pm
15 February 2018Finance and Resourced Committee7.00pm
20 February 2018Alcohol and Entertainments Committee10.00am
28 February 2018Council7.00pm
13 March 2018Housing Committee7.00pm
15 March 2018Jobs and Economy Committee7.00pm
21 March 2018Planning Committee7.00pm
22 March 2018Community Safety Committee7.00pm
26 March 2018Governance, Audit and Standards Committee7.00pm
17 April 2018Policy and Performance Committee7.00pm
18 April 2018Planning Committee7.00pm
24 April 2018Licensing and Appeals Committee10.00am
26 April 2018Finance and Resources Committee7.00pm

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