Proposed New Housing Consultation - 51 Ilkeston Road

Proposed New Housing Consultation - 51 Ilkeston Road

This page contains information about the consultation taking place around proposed new housing at 51 Ilkeston Road, Bramcote

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The closing date for completing the survey is Friday the 25th September 2020.  

Broxtowe Borough Council adopted a Housing Delivery Plan in 2019.  The plan identified underused land owned by the Council that could potentially be developed for affordable housing.  This included 51 Ilkeston Road, Bramcote and the surrounding land.

In 2018 a survey commissioned by the Council identified a need for 268 new affordable homes per year. The provision of affordable rented homes is a priority for the Council in order to meet the most pressing housing needs of the Borough.

51 Ilkeston Road is no longer suitable for Council housing due to its poor internal layout and low ceilings.  It also requires structural repairs and major refurbishment works.  To give it a 25-year life will require a substantial financial investment that the Council cannot justify.

The potential demolition of 51 Ilkeston Road would allow the Council to build seven 3 bed and two 1 bed homes on the site.  Any new homes built would be highly energy efficient dwellings using air source heat pumps and photovoltaic panels.  

Plans and elevations of the proposed scheme are available to download on this page.

The Council has undertaken a heritage survey of 51 Ilkeston Road.  This concludes that it was built in the 1830’s or 1840’s and was owned by the Bramcote Hills Estate.  It also concludes that its heritage significance is limited.  51 Ilkeston Road is not a listed building but the County Council recently registered the building as a non-designated heritage asset.

If approval was given to demolish 51 Ilkeston Road, then the Council would preserve the important fixtures and fittings from the building with a view to these being represented or reused elsewhere including in Bramcote Hills Park.

The open land between 51 Ilkeston Road and Oakland Court is also included in the proposal for redevelopment.  This land is not allocated as informal open space in the Council’s local plan.  The current proposal will retain some of the significant trees (see the plan for more detail) but some trees will be removed to allow the proposed development to happen.   The Council is proposing to provide replacement trees around the estate to compensate for this.

If you want clarify anything before completing the questionnaire, please:


Phone: Sian Morrisey, Housing Strategy Officer on 0115 917 3451.

tel: 0115 917 7777