Complaints Procedure

Complaints Procedure

How To Make a Formal Complaint

Stage One - Initial Complaint

  1. Make contact with the Director or Head or the relevant department, outlining your complaint using the online complaint form (Opens in a New Window) in person or over the phone.
  2. A written acknowledgement will be sent within three working days of us receiving your complaint. This will detail who will review your complaint and when you can expect a response.
  3. Once your complaint has been thoroughly investigated, we will send you a written reply. This normally takes around 15 working days, but may take longer if the issue is complex.

Please note, if your complaint is about a Member, we can only deal with complaints relating to the behaviour of the Councillor in their capacity as a Member. Any complaints about Members, must be about why you believe they have not followed the Code of Conduct. (.pdf) (100.71KB) (Opens in a New Window)

Stage Two - Formal Investigation

If, after receiving your written reply, you are unhappy with the resolution of your complaint, you can refer it to our Complaints Officer to progress your complaint to Stage Two.

  1. Email, call 0115 917 3592 or write a letter:

Complaints Officer

Broxtowe Borough Council

Foster Avenue



  1. You will receive a written acknowledgement within three working days of us receiving your complaint. If necessary, we will invite you to meet with our Complaints Officer to discuss your issue in more detail
  2. Your complaint will be reviewed thoroughly and independently of the department involved. You should receive a reply within 20 working days, but may take longer if the issue is complex.

Remedying Complaints

Any organisation is likely to make occasional mistakes in its dealings with its customers and the Council is no exception. If your complaint is found to be justified, we will try to remedy the situation appropriately.

This will normally include:

  • an unreserved apology for any distress and inconvenience caused
  • an explanation of why things went wrong
  • an assurance that our systems and services will be reviewed in order to try and prevent the same thing happening again
  • an update of what action has been taken to put things right


We accept that there may be the odd occasion when mistakes will cause additional expense or financial loss to you.

In these cases, the question of compensation will be considered. Because the Council is dealing with public funds, must make certain that compensation is provided for only deserving claims that can be fully justified.

Stage Three - Ombudsman

If having received the Council's final response, you are still unhappy, you may be able to refer your complaint to the Local Government Ombudsman or the Housing Ombudsman services if your complaint is about the Councils capacity as a landlord.

This procedure should only be used as a last resort when all the usual channels of communication have failed.

The Ombudsman will consider whether the Council has acted incorrectly regarding your complaint.

Find out more about the Local Government Ombudsman (Opens in a New Window)

Find out more about the Housing Ombudsman (Opens in a New Window)

Complaints Officer
tel: 0115 917 3592
Housing Ombudsman Service
tel: 0300 111 3000
Local Government Ombudsman
tel: 0300 061 0614