Housing Ombudsman Service

Housing Ombudsman Service

If you feel that the Council, when acting in its capacity as your Landlord, has not addressed your concerns or has treated you unfairly, you can ask the Housing Ombudsman service to assist in resolving your complaint.

The Housing Ombudsman will consider whether the Council has been responsible for maladministration (which includes a finding of service failure) which may include circumstances where the Council failed to comply with relevant legal obligations or codes of practice; to apply its own procedures; delayed unreasonably in dealing with the matter, behaved unfairly, unreasonably, negligently or incompetently; or treated the complainant in an inappropriate manner.

Firstly you must have completed the Councils formal complaint procedure. If you remain dissatisfied you should, in the first instance contact a 'designated person', who may be able to help resolve the complaint. Designated persons can be an MP, a local Councillor or a tenant panel.

You may contact the Housing Ombudsman Service directly if more than 8 weeks has passed since the end of the Councils complaint process.

The Housing Ombudsman Service welcomes the opportunity to discuss your complaint. Their contact details are below or you can visit the Housing Ombudsman website. (Opens in a New Window)

Housing Ombudsman Service
tel: 0300 111 3000