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Local Government Ombudsman

Local Government Ombudsman

If you feel that you have been unfairly treated by a local authority, you can ask the Local Government Ombudsman to investigate your complaint.

The Ombudsman has a team of staff who will look into the complaint and decide whether maladministration has occurred. Maladministration is when a Council does something in the wrong way, does something it should not have done, or fails to do something it should have done. If the Ombudsman decides that maladministration has caused you injustice, she will issue a report that the Council must consider. The remedy may involve the payment of money or the Council taking other action to put matters right.

A complaint form and leaflet about the work of the Ombudsman can be obtained from the Local Government Ombudsman office.

Local Government Ombudsman operates an Advice Service which deals with enquiries from people who think they may have a complaint to make. To find out more call 0300 061 0614, text 'call back' to 07624 811 595 or visit the Local Government Ombudsman website. (Opens in a New Window)

Local Government Ombudsman
tel: 0300 061 0614