Agendas & Minutes for Meetings

Agendas & Minutes for Meetings

This section contains all of our Council & Committee meetings. If you would like to view information prior to the current year please try our Minutes & Agendas Search Engine found under Related Articles.


The full Council comprises of 44 councillors and takes decisions on major policies and sets the Council Tax.


There are a number of committees that meet regularly to make decisions and to scrutinise policy and performance. These are again made up of councillors from all the parties and, due to the current power sharing agreement between Labour and the Liberal Democrats, they are chaired by a member from either of these parties.

Disclosable Interests

Members attending meetings with a pecuniary or non-pecuniary interest in an item on the agenda must disclose the existence and nature of that interest and, if it is a pecuniary interest, withdraw from the meeting room during the discussion and voting on the item.


Alcohol & Entertainments Licensing

The committee deals with matters relating to the Licensing Act 2003, (alcohol, entertainment and late night refreshment premises) and the Gambling Act 2005 including arcades, betting shops to lotteries and amusement registrations and any other gambling matters.

Bramcote Bereavement Services Joint Committee

Bramcote Bereavement Services is a joint venture between Broxtowe Borough Council and Erewash Borough Council. The committee oversees its management and comprises members from both Councils and local professional user groups.

Council Meetings

The full Council comprises all 44 councillors and takes decisions on major policies and sets the Council Tax. The Council also receives petitions from members of the public and makes appointments to committees.

Planning Committee

The Planning Committee meets every four weeks. Its main role is to determine planning applications. It can also propose matters of planning policy to the Council.

Licensing & Appeals Committee

The main role of the Committee is to recommend licensing policy apart from that relating to the Gambling Act 2005 and the Licensing Act 2003.

Policy and Performance Committee

The Policy and Performance Committee is tasked with reviewing the Council's policies and developing, adopting and implementing any other policies. This also includes approving and monitoring progress in relation to the Corporate Plan and significant external projects.

Leisure, Parks and Cemeteries Committee

The Leisure, Parks and Cemeteries Committee is tasked with determining policies to promote artistic, sporting and cultural activities. Additionally, the Committee is tasked with organising and implementing twinning and friendship activities.

Finance and Resources Committee

The Finance and Resources Committee is tasked with reviewing the Council's resources. This also includes recommending to the Council the level of council house rents and the level of council tax. Additionally, the Finance Committee recommend to Council the overall capital programme and revenue budget.

Housing Committee

The Housing Committee is tasked with the determining of Council policy relating to sales of Council houses and determining the policy relating to Council house rent collection. Also, the Committee is tasked with determining the improvement programme of the Council housing stock and housing schemes.

Jobs and Economy Committee

The Jobs and Economy Committee is tasked with determining all issues relating to the well-being, development and enhancement of local communities within the Borough including the acquisition of land and use of resources to promote those purposes.

Environment and Community Safety Committee

The Environment and Community Safety Committee is tasked with developing, adopting, implementing any other policy (other than those policy documents reserved to the full Council or within the remit of any Committee) relating to waste management, ASB Strategies and functions under the Environmental Protection Act 1990.

Governance, Audit and Standards Committee

The Governance, Audit and Standards Committee is tasked with determining responses on behalf of the Council to any government, local authority or other consultation on matters within the remit of the Committee. Additionally, the Committee will consider ways of achieving reductions in ongoing financial commitments through a review of essential and desirable services and service levels.


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