Five Star Rating

Five Star Rating

On 26 May 2010 at the Gov 2.0 Expo 2010, Sir Tim Berners-Lee gave a keynote speech on open data and introduced a '5-star rating system'.

Broxtowe Borough Council is currently rated 3 stars.

Star Rating Description
1  star Data is accessible on the web. Readable by the human eye but not by a software agent because it is in a closed format and not easily re-used (E.G. PDF document)
2 star2 star Accessible on the web in a structure, machine readable format, however still depends on proprietary software (E.G. Word or Excel)
3 star No longer relies on proprietary software. Users can manipulate data in anyway. (E.G. CSV file)
4 star Data is now in the web as opposed to on the web through the use of a URI. It gives fine-granular control over the data. (E.G. RDFa file containing 3 URIs)
                                                 5 star
Data is not only in the web but is also linked to other data. Through interlinking, data gets interconnected and becomes discoverable from other sources. (E.G. RDFa file containing URIs and semantic properties)



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