Environmental Health Charges

Environmental Health Charges

As from the 1st April 2016 Broxtowe will not be providing a Pest control Service.

Fees and Charges

31/3/2016 - The cash offices in Beeston, Eastwood and Stapleford will close on the 31st March 2016 and Broxtowe residents will need to make alternative payments arrangements.

  • Licences

  • Registrations

  • Training Courses

  • Other services

If paying for multiple person registrations by one payment please state names of the who is to be registered in the message box on the payments screen and alter the amount accordingly.

Please see the link opposite for more information on how to pay

Licences* (Exempt from vat)

*In addition to these licence fees, applicants are required to pay the council's veterinary or other advisors fees where applicable.

Licence Fees

Type of Licence Charges Licence Duration:

Dog Breeding


1 Year (From 1st January to 31st December)

Pet Shop


1 Year (From 1st January to 31st December)

Animal Boarding


1 Year (From 1st January to 31st December)

Home Boarding/Dog Sitting - maximum 3 dogs


1 Year (From 1st January to 31st December)

Motor Salvage/Scrap Metal   Collector


Variation of site Manager

Change of licence type





3 Years (From date of issue)

*Riding Establishment - Provisional/Full Licence


(Same as licence being amended)

*Riding Establishment - Amendment/Variation to horses


1 Year (From date of Issue)

*Dangerous Wild Animals Act - Licence


2 Years (From date of issue)

*Dangerous Wild Animals Act - Amendment


Valid for duration of current licence

*Zoo - Licence


4 Years (From date of issue)

*Zoo - Renewal


6 Years (From date of issue)

*Performing Animals (Exotic)


No expiry, one off fee (From date of issue)

Performing Animals (Domestic)


No expiry, one off fee (From date of issue)

Residential Caravan Site - Grant of New Licence

£470 plus £8 per pitch

No expiry

Residential Caravan Site - Transfer/Minor Amendments


Per transfer/amendment (maximum of 2 conditions)

Residential Caravan Site - Major Amendments


Includes additional site visits

Residential Caravan Site - Annual Fee

£16.55 per pitch

Payable annually

Residential Caravan Site - Deposit of Site Rules £126  

Registrations (Exempt from vat)

Fees are per application. Any number of practices can be registered at the same time for a single fee providing that the applicant is qualified to carry out the treatment. These are registration fees, which are NOT renewable annually.

Practice Fees


Acupuncture, Cosmetic Piercing, Ear Piercing, Electrolysis, Semi-permanent Skin Colouring & Tattooing



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Other Services (Exempt from vat)

Other Service Fees


Contaminated Land Information - Full Report


Contaminated Land Information - Per pre-determined component question


Export Certificates


Extracts from the Environmental Protection Act Part 1 Registers


Health & Safety Statements


Food Condemnation Certificates


Training Courses

Training Course Fees


Food Hygiene Course Level 1 & Health & Safety Course Level 1 (Individuals)

£30.00 + vat (£36.00)

Food Hygiene Course Level 2 (Individuals)

£60.00 + vat (£72.00)

Food Hygiene Course (On Company Premises, minimum 10)

£250.00 + vat (£300.00)

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