HS2 Consultation

HS2 Consultation

High Speed Two: Consultation on the route from West Midlands to Manchester, Leeds and beyond - Local Authority Briefing pack

On 17th July 2013, the Government announced the public consultation on the proposed route from West Midlands to Manchester, Leeds and beyond. It will integrate with existing rail lines to provide onward services to cities in the North and Scotland. The consultation, which is being undertaken by HS2 Ltd, runs until 31st January 2014 and is seeking views to ensure that the proposed high speed lines are the best they can be.

You have the opportunity to comment on the proposals in the consultation document.  To assist with this, please see the files from the Briefing Pack under the Documents section.The pack includes:

  • questions and answers relating to the consultation process;

  • an indicative timetable of activities for the project;

  • a summary of the route;

  • the consultation material, local fact sheets, the events programme and the detail of which libraries and CAB have received reference copies of the consultation material that can be accessed from the HS2 Phase Two Route Consultation link, under Offsite Links.

All of the consultation information is available online at the HS2 Website see Offsite Links; alternatively, their public enquiries line number is: 020 7944 4908.

Please note: This consultation is being undertaken by HS2 Ltd. and not Broxtowe Borough Council.  The documentation attached to this website is prepared by HS2 without involvement from the council.


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