Option Consultations 2010

Option Consultations 2010

Over 6000 dwelling will need to be found in Broxtowe Borough and while some of these can be accommodated within the existing urban area, some green belt land may be involved. In March/April 2010 every household on Broxtowe Borough was sent a summary document of the Greater Nottingham Aligned Core Strategy with a consultation response form.

Broxtowe Borough Council has been working closely together with the Ashfield, Erewash, Gedling, Nottingham City and Rushcliffe Councils to prepare the Core Strategy. The Core Strategy deals with topics such as housing growth, employment, green belt and climate change.

Greater Nottingham Aligned Core Strategies

The Option for Consultation was the latest stage in the Greater Nottingham Aligned Core Strategies. Following the response to the Issues and Options report last year (2009), it was  possible to draw up a more detailed Option for Consultation on which views were invited in early 2010.

The Option for Consultation report sets out an overall spatial vision for Greater Nottingham and 19 strategic policies which will bring about the vision.  The themes include:

  • Sustainable Growth, with policies on climate change, and choices for locations for growth.

  • Places for People, with policies on housing, facilities, transport and culture.

  • Our Environment, with policies on bio diversity, landscape and open space.

  • Making it Happen, with policies focusing on infrastructure and implementation.

The public consultation period on this report closed on Monday 12th April 2010. After responses have been examined, the councils in Greater Nottingham will refine the Core Strategies further to submit to Government for independent examination, following further opportunities to make representations on the 'Publication Draft' stage.  The timescale for the 'Publication Draft' is currently under review, in light of the government's abolition of the Regional Plan, however it is likely to be issued in the second half of 2011.

As well as the summary document, the proposals were discussed at the regular local Town and Parish Council meetings, which were open to the public to attend, and at a series of extra public meetings that took place across the borough.

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