Stapleford Town Deal

Stapleford Town Deal

Information about the Stapleford Town Deal and how residents, businesses and other stakeholders can get involved.

It was announced in September 2019 that £1bn is being made available to regenerate 100 towns across the UK. Stapleford Town has been chosen as one of the towns to receive funding. Each town is set to receive up to £25m worth of investment in a number of areas.

The government published a prospectus in October 2019 setting out the areas of regeneration, the fund will focus on:

  • urban regeneration, planning and land use,
  • skills and enterprise infrastructure and
  • connectivity

Next Steps

Going forward we will be setting up an Executive Board that will be tasked with putting together a ‘Town Investment Plan’ for Stapleford. This will include a programme of work to be delivered by the agreed Town Fund.

A development and delivery group will also be put in place to gather ideas to feed in to the Executive board, to support the production of this plan. Alongside this we will be consulting local residents, businesses and other local organisations as to their own ideas and the ideas generated by the two boards.

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