Stapleford Town Deal

Stapleford Town Deal

Information about the Stapleford Town Deal process and how residents, businesses and other stakeholders can get involved.

It was announced in September 2019 that £3.6bn is being made available to regenerate over 100 towns across the UK. Stapleford has been chosen as one of the towns to receive funding. Each town is set to receive up to £25m worth of investment in a number of areas.

The Government published a prospectus in October 2019 setting out the three areas of regeneration, the Towns Fund will focus on:

  1. urban regeneration, planning and land use,
  2. skills and enterprise infrastructure and
  3. connectivity

More information on the Stapleford Town Deal

How will Stapleford get a Town Deal? 

The Council have convened an Executive Town Deal board that will be tasked with creating and submitting a Town Investment Plan (TIP) for Stapleford by 'Summer 2020'. This will include a programme of work to be delivered by the agreed Towns Fund.

A Stakeholder Group will also be put in place to gather ideas to feed in to the Executive board, to support the production of this plan. Alongside this we will be consulting local residents, businesses and other local organisations as to their own ideas and the ideas generated by the two boards.

As the Town Investment Plan for Stapleford develops, there will be further opportunities to feedback on the ideas and the delivery plan, which will set out how, where and when any included projects will take place.


Have your say on where £25m should be spent in Stapleford

For the first phase of our consultation, we asked residents, workers and local businesses from Stapleford to think about ways to improve the area. Suggestions were not be limited to the town centre, rather the whole of Stapleford.  Where it is was possible, we asked that any ideas submitted were aligned to at least one of the three Town Fund objectives.

Masterplan Consultation

The second phase of our consultation plans we are asking residents, workers and local businesses from Stapleford to comment on the ideas generated through the masterplanning exercise we have been carrying out over the last few months.
The masterplan in split out in to 4 sections; Town Centre, Cycle network, Community Facilities and Leisure/Recreational Facilities. To have your say on this master plan please complete the following survey  (opens in a new window). 

Project 1 – Stapleford Town Centre

This plan demonstrates an overview of the whole “town centre boundary” and suggested interventions. There are a number of different options for the town centre.
The overall aim is to regenerate underused sites, re-purposing the area and future proofing it for the change in shopping behaviors.

Project 2 - Cycle Network 

Through developing cycle routes and necessary infrastructure such as way finding signage and cycle parking facilities; we hope to connect the north of Stapleford better with the town centre. We also aim to link up key sites such as the HS2 development with the wider Stapleford area.

The proposal ensures the right infrastructure to encourage safe cycling around Stapleford; including coloured cycle zones, wayfinding signage, secure parking & repair stations are provided.
It splits the proposed network in to three routes; Route A connecting East Stapleford to West Stapleford and HS2 station, Route B connecting the North of the area with the Town centre and Route C connecting housing with the Toton Lane Tram stop.

Project 3 - Community Centre 

Each of the community facilities have been mapped (including religious institutions) to understand provision within Stapleford. There are a number of community facilities that currently serve Stapleford, spread out around the area.
Our proposal is to consolidate these facilities in to up to 2 sites split between the North and South areas of Stapleford; offering the most up to date facilities that are housed in completely carbon neutral buildings. Four potential sites along and in close proximity to the high street have been earmarked as potential development plots for a more centralised facility in the South of the area.

Project 4 – Recreational and Leisure Facilities
The recreational offer within Stapleford is good, with a number of different recreational sites around the area. We would like to improve this outdoor offer however, by suggesting a number of additional facilities such as; outdoor adventure facilities, off road cycle track, outdoor gyms.
These would be complemented with a pavilion facility to enhance the existing leisure offer. Two sites have been identified to create an enhanced recreational facility for Stapleford.

To have your say on this master plan please complete the following survey  (opens in a new window).  Please note, this survey closes on the 17th July 2020. 

MyTown Campaign

To facilitate ideas generation and ensure people have the opportunity to continuously feed into their respective Town Deal process, the Government launched the #MyTown campaign, which involves an online MyTowns portal (opens in a new window) for all stakeholders to access.  

Future milestones

The current timeline set out in the Government’s Towns Fund Prospectus

Task Date

All Town Deal Boards convened (including the publication of town boundary)

End of January 2020

Further Government guidance published

June 2020

All Town Investment Plans produced

End of October 2020

Town Deals agreed



Further to these milestones, the Town Deal board have an evolving work programme with multiple opportunities for the public to directly input into the Town Deal process and production of the final Town Investment Plan (TIP). This will be done through a mixture of roadshows around the Stapleford area, with further written communications and press releases.

Some key milestones and approximate dates throughout the production of the TIP are detailed below. These dates are subject to change, as and when further Government guidance on the process is published.

Stapleford Town Deal Milestone Date

Consultation on the Town Deal Board’s VISION STATEMENT for Stapleford.

March 2020

Agreeing the board have captured the communities KEY PRIORITIES for the town.

July 2020

Feedback on the draft TIP before submission.

September 2020


Town Deal Executive Board

The Council have convened the Town Deal Executive Board inline with the Government published Towns Fund Prospectus. The inaugural meeting took place on Friday 10th January 2020. The board meets monthly by default.

Meeting minutes and summary documents

Further supporting information

Town Deal Stakeholder Group

In order to engage with as many stakeholders as possible and ensure the TIP submitted to Government reflects the future aspirations of the wider Stapleford community, the Council have created a two-tier system board system.  The Stakeholder group will act as a ‘critical friend’ to the Executive, continuously challenging and improving emerging plans and proposals. The inaugural meeting took place on Friday 24th January 2020. This stakeholder group also meets monthly by default.

Meeting minutes and summary documents

Further supporting information

Stapleford Town Deal Blog

Stakeholder Group meeting – Friday 12 June

Ambitious plans for redeveloping Stapleford town centre were the main discussion point at the latest meeting of the Stapleford Town Deal Stakeholder Group.

Stakeholders, including residents, local businesses and community organisations  from across the town and surrounding areas were invited to provide feedback on a proposed vison statement for the overall project, as well as the redevelopment options for the town centre, designed by GT3 Architects.

The group met virtually to discuss the proposals, which are being considered for inclusion in the Town Investment Plan (TIP). The TIP will then be agreed with Government and form the programme of delivery for the Towns Fund.

Rebecca Ogden, major projects officer at Broxtowe Borough Council, said: “These stakeholder meetings offer an excellent opportunity for engagement and involvement of the people that will be most affected by the proposed plans.

“The current situation with Covid-19 has forced us to adapt and hold these meetings virtually, but we have been very encouraged by the contributions we have had, which will be crucial in defining the overall direction of the regeneration plans.”

Liz Clarke, associate director at GT3 Architects, said: “It’s great to be working with Broxtowe Borough Council and Stapleford Town Council on this project, particularly as this was our first virtual vision workshop since lockdown began and it was a huge success.

“We have since been working hard to combine the public input and the MyTown consultation with the stakeholder and executive board input. By enabling people to have a voice, we can build a robust evidence base, which underpins our proposed designs. As a result, the project is progressing really well, and we’re excited to see it take another step forward towards securing funding.”

Alongside local residents and businesses, the meeting was attended by a number of different organisations and agencies, including NHS Nottingham, multiple departments of Nottinghamshire County Council, the Department for Work and Pensions, the Environment Agency and representatives from Broxtowe Borough Council’s business growth team.

Stephen Marwood, sustainable growth manager at the Environment Agency, said: “Thanks to the Stapleford Town deal team for putting on a very interactive session looking at options where all opinions and ideas were listened too and welcomed. Working in partnership to maximise the benefit for the residents and business community is vital to a successful bid and the Environment Agency look forward to being involved as it moves forward.”

Residents and businesses in the Stapleford area can have their say on the latest proposals during a public consultation, which will take place from Wednesday, 1 July to Friday, 17 July. The proposals will be available to be viewed and commented on above via a survey (opens in a new tab) or in person at Hartland NG9, Derby Road, Stapleford.

The next Stakeholder Group meeting will be held on Friday, 10 July. For more information, please contact Rebecca Ogden at

The Town Deal area

On the announcement of the Towns Fund, the Government used the 'Stapleford BUASD' boundary provided by the Office of National Statistics, to initially define Stapleford. This is the geographic area to be represented by the Stapleford Town Deal board, where investments detailed in the TIP will occur. 

Click to download a copy of the Town Deal area plan - Stapleford Town Deal Area Plan (pdf.) (934KB) (Opens in a new window)


Click to view an interactive map of the Town Deal area. This map will see additional features added over the Town Deal process  - Interactive Map  (Opens New Window)

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