Diwali marks the largest Indian Holiday, coinciding with the Hindu New year and celebrated by Hindus, Sikh’s and Jains.

Who Celebrates Diwali and Where?

Diwali is predominantly celebrated by Hindu’s worldwide as well as Sikh’s and Jains, making it India’s biggest Holiday.

Did you know that Diwali is the largest Hindu celebration, and is as significant in India as Christmas is across the West?

What is Diwali?Lit candles

Diwali is the festival of lights and marks the start of the Hindu New year and the story of Ram and Sita. According to Hindu tradition, Rama saved the Princess Sita from the demon Ravan, with the help of Hanuman (the monkey king) and the two of them were then aided by the villagers who lit lamps for them to find their way home. It is a celebration of light over evil.

Did you know that Diwali is also called Deepwali in Sanskrit and means ‘rows of lighted lamps’?

When is Diwali?

Diwali is celebrated on the 15th day of Kartik, which is the holiest month of the Hindu Lunar Calendar. Based on the cycle of the moon, annually this can be in either October or November.

Did you know that Diwali lasts for a period of 5 days and honours the goddess of wealth Lakshami?

How is Diwali Celebrated?

Diwali is celebrated by honouring the Hindu goddess of wealth Lakshmi. Hindu’s will light lamps to help Lakshmi find her way in to their homes, for a prosperous year ahead. Houses are cleaned, new clothes are worn and families and friends exchange gifts and share a feast. There is also a tradition of rangoli where colourful patterns are made at the entrance of the house to welcome the god’s and good fortune. Hindu’s may also go to the mandir (temple) to give offerings for deities and many will enjoy a firework display.

Did you know that the lights and oil lamps lit are called Diya's?

For those celebrating: Diwali is a time of illumination, of homes and hearts, the coming of a new year and prosperity. It is a time that many will renew their intentions and hopes for better days. The pandemic has changed the ‘normal’ for everyone, and especially the way celebrations take place. This year, many will renew their hopes for brighter days through faith and will collectively share in celebrating with loved ones.

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