Make it difficult for the burglar!

Most burglaries are carried out by opportunist thieves. In two out of ten burglaries, they don't even have to use force, they get in through an open door or window.

Rule number 1

Remove your keys from the lock and keep them out of view.

Rule number 2

Whether you're in or out, keep your front and back doors locked.

Rule number 3

Never leave a window open in an unattended room.

If your front and back doors are not secure, neither is your home. Two thirds of burglars gain entry through a door.

  • Door Viewer: The door viewer is the best way to check who is calling
  • Hinges: Check that door hinges are sturdy and secured with strong, long screws
  • Letterboxes: Never hang a spare key inside the letter box. This is an obvious place that a thief will check
  • Rim latch: Most front doors are fitted with a rim latch, which locks automatically when the door is closed
  • Automatic deadlock: It needs a key to open it from both the inside and outside
  • Door bar or chains: Use a door bar or chain when answering the door
  • Mortise deadlock: You can only open a deadlock with a key, so a thief can't smash the nearby glass panel to open the door from the inside

If you're going away

  • Cancel any milk or newspaper deliveries

  • Cut the lawn and so on before you go

  • Don't put your home address on luggage labels when travelling to your destination

  • Ask a friend or neighbour to look after your home while you're away:

    • Collect the post

    • Draw curtains at night, open in the morning

    • Generally make the place look lived in

Student Christmas Advice

As a group students own more expensive consumer goods per head than the rest of the population.  If students are sharing accommodation and each own a laptop, computer, ipod/MP3 player, mobile phones and other high value electrical items, a burglar will think it is worth their while to break in.

In addition to following the usual crime prevention advice of making sure doors and windows are locked and secure, students are advised to take their valuables home when they leave their accommodation for the Christmas holidays.

For more information about crime reduction or support for victims of crime, visit the website's listed within the offsite links section.

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