Business Crime

Business Crime

Work SMART - Simple Measures Against Retail Theft

Simple but effective measures to prevent retail theft

  • Avoid working alone and opening and closing your store alone wherever possible. The premises is more at risk at these times. Take extra precautions if your store is open long hours

  • Lock up!  Make it clear who is responsible for locking windows, doors, cabinets and safes and for setting the alarm

  • Handle cash with care. Don't keep large amounts of money in tills or on the premises. Leave tills open and empty overnight, vary your routine when you are going to the bank

  • Control stock tightly  and limit access to it

  • Record all incidents of crime. This will help you spot trends or patterns and will help the police if you have to call them

Security is a key to protecting the premises, staff and customers. Put yourself in the shoes of a criminal and think how they would break into the premises - then act.

  • Strengthen doors and windows

  • Securely lock all possible entrances and exits overnight

  • Consider using CCTV

Business Crime Reduction Partnerships

Partnership crime reduction allows the business community, police, local authorities, voluntary sector and other concerned partners to work closely together to reduce opportunities for a wide range of criminal activity and to promote the concept of safe and secure concept borough wide. Everyone in the community will benefit. Town centre business crime partnerships are playing an important and effective roll in delivering crime reduction.

Managing crime risks has become a critical partnership activity. Crime and fear of crime have a negative effect on the quality and use of our town and city centres, leading to loss of customers by day and night leading to a loss of footfall and reduced profit.

  • loss of investment, leading to empty shops and less choice for customers

  • less employment opportunities

  • less attractive centres and poorly maintained streets lead to a decline in long-term viability

  • less busy and deserted streets leads to a lowering of peoples' perception of safety

  • difficulties in obtaining affordable insurance

  • knock-on effect and downturn for the local economy and community and crime will increase

To find out more about support offered to businesses in Broxtowe, visit the Business section of this website. For more crime reduction advice, visit the Crime Reduction website via the link within the offsite links section. The 'Prepare to Protect' leaflet is available to download within the documents section also has some useful advice.

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