Car Crime

Car Crime

Keep it Safe, Keep it Hidden, Keep it Locked

To outwit the thief

  1. Remove all items of property when you leave your vehicle

  2. Consider leaving your glove box open so it can be seen to be empty

  3. Secure your vehicle with a steering lock, or hand-brake to gear-stick lock

  4. Fit an alarm

Security Devices

  • Locks or other security devices will always put criminals off

  • Mechanical immobilisers, such as steering wheel locks, are not expensive and are easy to use

  • Many thieves target wheels. To protect your wheels and tyres, fit locking wheel nuts. They are easy to fit and not expensive

  • The vehicle's registration number or VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) should be etched on all glass surfaces (including headlamps)

Useful Links

More crime prevention advice can be found on the Home Office website, via the offsite links section.

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