Generally noise nuisances are experienced more by occupiers of flats rather than houses and it is important to respect peoples' lifestyles and not to inflict lifestyles upon neighbours.

Please ensure that you are considerate towards your neighbours, especially in respect of noise nuisance. If you are experiencing problems due to the unsociable actions of your neighbour you may wish to consider the following action:-

  • Address the issue face to face with your neighbour; occasionally neighbours are not aware of the nuisance they are causing

  • Consider help from the Mediation Service Tel: (0115) 917 3736 which is independent of the council's main functions.  They offer support via trained mediators and can often remedy problems without the need for neighbours to confront each other

  • Seek advice from the council's Tenancy Services Section if the neighbouring property is owned by the Council.

Environmental Health
tel: 0115 917 3485