Stapleford Town

Stapleford Town

Stapleford TownElection 2015 Results

E represents elected members

North Ward

Councillor Party Votes Cast Elected
Ensor Sharon Elizabeth Stapleford Alliance 860 E
Goold Jan The Conservative Party Candidate 774 E
Hull Amanda Jane Stapleford Alliance 793 E
Hull Kim Stapleford Alliance 689  
Longdon John The Conservative Party Candidate 815 E
MacRae Richard Danny Independent 1026 E
Plackett Martin Ernest The Conservative Party Candidate 675  
Roome Susan Elizabeth Stapleford Alliance 756 E
Smart Leon Stapleford Alliance 749  
Towle Jennifer Stapleford Alliance 442  

Rejected Votes: 74 

South East Ward

Councillor Party Votes Cast Elected
Brealey Sally Catherine
The Conservative Party Candidate 868  
Browne Robert Timothy Stapleford Alliance 1144 E
Ensor Paul David Stapleford Alliance 1028 E
Grindell David Liberal Democrats 1083 E
Hull Eric Brian Stapleford Alliance 981 E
Kidger-Preston Joy Stapleford Alliance 660  
Pearson Dave Stapleford Alliance 1170 E
Rice Chris The Conservative Party Candidate 993 E
Stockwell Adam William
George Albert
The Conservative Party Candidate 946  

Rejected Votes: 103 

South West Ward

Councillor Party Votes Cast Elected
Atherton Eileen Hepworth The Conservative Party Candidate 700  
Brett Helen Stapleford Alliance 734 E
Britton Andrew James The Conservative Party Candidate 701 E
Cousens Jane Alison Stapleford Alliance 651  
Darby Ray Labour Party 1150 E
Epton Elizabeth Paige Stapleford Alliance 653  
Frost Jacqueline Joan Stapleford Alliance 657  
Frost Simon David Stapleford Alliance 624  
Lawton Ian Labour Party 954 E
McGrath John Liam Labour Party 1271 E
Mills Alan Frederick Laurence Stapleford Alliance 632  
Townend Joanne Michelle Labour Party 974 E

Rejected Votes: 26


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