Energy Saving and Sustainability

Energy Saving and Sustainability

Information about what the Council is doing to ensure the Borough has a green future through energy saving and environmentally friendly initiatives.

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What The Council Is Doing

In July 2019, the Council declared a 'Climate Change Emergency' and committed to becoming carbon neutral by 2027.

The Green Futures programme will see a range of projects delivered to help us achieve this goal - look out for more details soon. 

Here's some of the things we are already doing to be more environmentally friendly:

Parks and open spaces

  • We use seats and picnic tables made from recycled plastic at appropriate sites.
  • The rubber safety surfacing used on play areas is made from shredded recycled car tyres.
  • The bark we have removed from the play areas to install this rubber surfacing goes to allotment sites and is used as a soil conditioner.
  • We shred tree prunings and use these as walkways within woodland areas.
  • Larger logs as used to create habitat piles for insects in woodland areas.


  • Solar power systems have been fitted at three of our Independent Living Schemes
  • 420 Council homes have been improved with external wall insulation
  • Over 1,300 Council homes have been improved with new SEDBUKA rated efficient boilers
  • The Council supports the award winning, Warmer Homes on prescription scheme help low income residents with cold-sensitive long-term health conditions to achieve affordable warmth.


  • The Council Offices in Beeston has a solar power system
  • 28 electric vehicle charging points have been installed in car parks in Beeston, Eastwood, Kimberley and Stapleford.
  • 32,000 litres less fuel was used by our refuse fleet in 2017/18
  • New electric vans will be introduced in 2019.
  • The Council has developed a Single Use Plastic Action Plan to help support local, national and global efforts to reduce the use of single use plastics.
  • Air quality is monitored in 43 locations across the Borough.

What you can do

Recycle your waste – find out more on our recycling pages

The Energy Saving Trust website (Opens in a New Window) has lots of information and tips to help your save energy and money.

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