Energy Saving

Energy Saving

Information on energy saving at Broxtowe Borough Council and in the home.

Broxtowe Borough Council is committed to reducing the carbon footprint within the borough and preserving and reducing our impact on the environment for future generations. This commitment also contributes towards national targets of reducing carbon dioxide emissions and reducing the effects of climate change.

Climate Change

Everybody's Talking About Climate Change so find out more about Climate Change online (Opens in a New Window) and do your bit.  

Home Energy Conservation Act

The Home Energy Conservation Act requires Broxtowe Borough Council to prepare a report setting out the energy conservation measures that the authority considers practicable and likely to result in the improvement of the energy efficiency of residential accommodation in its area. The report is available to download on this page. This is a legal requirement under the Climate Change Act 2008 and is a starting point for action by central and local government to improve the energy efficiency of residential accommodation across the country and reduce fuel poverty. Broxtowe Borough Council is required to update this report every 2 years. 

Energy & Sustainability
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