Food Business Registration or Approval

Food Business Registration or Approval

How do I register my Food Business?

Food businesses need to register with the local authority in whose area the business is located. For mobile vehicles the business is either registered in the area where the vehicle is garaged or if statically located where it trades. Registration is free and should be carried out 28 days before opening-this gives us time to visit the business and advise so the premises are operating within the law.

The registration form can be downloaded, completed and posted back to this Authority using the address on the form or you can decide to register online. Persons wishing to change their food registration should reapply as a new registration-please do not hesitate to contact us if you wish to discuss matters first with a food officer. Persons intending setting up a new business should enquire with the Planning and Building Control department at this Authority over the need for any necessary Planning permission. For more information  visit the Food Standard Agency website. (Opens in a New Window)

Does my business require approval?

Some food businesses require approval. A food business may require approval if you intend to use "unprocessed products of animal origin" e.g. fresh meat, raw minced meat, raw milk, eggs to produce any, or a combination of the following:

  • Minced meat

  • Meat preparations

  • Mechanically separated meat

  • Meat products

  • Live Bi Valve Molluscs

  • Fishery products

  • Raw milk (other than raw cows' milk)

  • Dairy products

  • Eggs (not primary production)

  • Egg products

  • Frogs legs and snails

  • Rendered animal fats and greaves

  • Treated stomachs, bladders and intestines

  • Gelatine and collagen

  • Certain cold stores

  • Certain wholesale markets

We would always advise persons thinking of setting up an approved food premises to first discuss the proposals with a food officer at this Authority. The officer will be able to help you with the approval application process and discuss relevant technical food (and health and safety) aspects with you. You must not start producing this type of food unless you are approved.  You can apply for approval below.

Environmental Health
tel: 0115 917 3282