Food Premises Hygiene Ratings

Food Premises Hygiene Ratings

Have you ever wondered about the hygiene of a top restaurant's kitchen? Or how safely the pub-grub you are about to tuck into was prepared before it reached your plate? We think you have the right to know the food hygiene standards of food businesses and the results of food safety inspections in Broxtowe are now publicly available.

Important Information

New premises will not be rated until they receive their first inspection after they have registered with Broxtowe Borough Council.

Information held on the website reflects conditions found during the most recent inspection of the business concerned, on the date of inspection.  It is possible that conditions have changed since that date.  The information provided should not be taken as a recommendation or condemnation of a food business or premises.

Aims of the scheme

We hope the scheme will drive up standards of food safety and give you the opportunity to make an informed choice about where to eat or buy food based on hygiene standards.

The hygiene rating is based on the scores for hygiene, structure and confidence in management because they are under the direct control of the food business operator. These scores are given by food officers when they inspect a business.

Frequency of inspections

The frequency of food safety inspection is specified in a national code of practice and is determined by the risk the business poses.  The frequency of inspection varies from 6 months to five years depending on the risk posed by the business.  Each premises will be notified of their rating at the time of inspection and this will be confirmed in writing to them.  Each premises will be provided with a sticker to display.

Food Hygiene Rating Scheme - Explanation of Ratings

Scores on the Doors for Food Hygiene Standards Ratings
Rating Rating Description Score

Very Good

Excellent standards of food hygiene. Fully compliant with the law and meets/exceeds industry standards

(0-15) no score > 5



Good food safety management. High standard of compliance with food safety


no score > 10


Generally Satisfactory

Good level of legal compliance. Some effort may be required

(25-30) no score > 10


Improvement Necessary

Compliant with food safety legislation.  More effort required to meet all legal requirements

(35-40) no score > 15


Major Improvement Necessary

Poor level of compliance with food safety legislation - much more effort required

(40-50) no score > 20


Urgent Improvement Necessary

A general failure to comply with legal requirements. Little or no appreciation of food safety. Major effort required


To search for a food hygiene rating use the link provided.

Food Hygiene Rating Scheme - Requests for Re-scoring

A food business operator can make a request for a revisit for the purposes of re scoring the premises providing those legal requirements identified at the time of inspection have been completed.

A revisit can be submitted at any time although only one request is permitted between programmed visits.  Requests must be submitted on the prescribed form and include confirmation that all works have been completed, with supporting evidence where necessary.  Without sufficient confirmation and/or evidence the Council may refuse to undertake a re-visit.  If a request is rejected a food business operator can raise the issue with the Chief Environmental Health Officer and, if the matter still cannot be resolved, the Councils' Corporate complaints procedure can be used.

The revisit will not take place until at least 3 months have lapsed since the initial visit unless the non-compliance identified at the time concerned only the need for structural improvements or repairs or upgrading of equipment.  Issues relating to cleaning, training, supervision, practices or management (SFBB) have arisen the premises can only be reassessed after 3 months and within a maximum 6 months, unless a separate appeal is made and upheld.  The original score will be displayed on the website pending the revisit; all visits will be unannounced and will be comprehensive in order to re-evaluate the premises.

Poorer performing food businesses will continue to receive revisits, without requesting a visit, in The course of normal follow-up enforcement action - this may or may not lead to a re-rating at the officer's discretion.

Food Hygiene Rating Scheme - Appeals Guidance

The appeals procedure should only be used where the food business operator believes that the score score given by the inspecting officer is unjust and does not reflect the hygiene standards and management controls at the time of the visit.  In the first instance you should discuss your rating with the inspecting officer. 

In the event the dispute is not resolved informally, the food business operator may lodge an appeal in writing within 14 days of notification of the score using the prescribed appeal form.

All appeals will be dealt with by the Chief Environmental Health Officer and in some circumstances a further visit to the premises may be required where a decision cannot be made on the information available.

Until the outcome of the appeal is decided, the previous score will be removed from the website.  The final decision will be communicated to the food business operator within 14 days of the date the appeal was lodged, after which time the score will be published on the national website.

In the event of an appeal being rejected the food business operator may request a revisit for the purpose of re-scoring as detailed above. 

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