Methods of Engagement

Methods of Engagement

This page contains information on how you can influence the work of the Housing Department.

Through listening and responding to views and feedback, the Housing Team can ensure that customers are at the heart of shaping our services. Feedback from your experience of our services is essential for highlighting what is working well and where improvements are needed. By listening to feedback and reflecting the Social Housing Green Paper we have developed the new Housing Engagement Strategy ( Pdf ) (448KB) (Opens in a New Window) for 2019 - 2022 .

A range of methods exist for you to engage with us from something that may only take a minute to over an hour as and when you choose. Getting involved can help you to develop a variety of new skills like using computers, communication skills, team work, and more. 

Get Involved

To sign up to take part in any of the methods you can let us know using our Your Voice, Your Views Form or emailing or by calling 0115 917 7777.


No More Than 30 Minutes

List of Low Level Engagement Methods
Method Overview

Social Media and Website

Housing Community Facebook Group. This private group is for customers to share their opinions from the comfort of their own home; during the daily commute, or whenever they have few moments to spare throughout the day.  Link to follow.

Weekly messages on key Housing services, including links to online forms.

Find out more about our Social Media channels.

Housing News Bulletin

A monthly email bulletin providing the latest news for customers. You can subscribe to Email Me to receive this bulletin.

Subscribe to Email Me.


Undertaken as required when changes to services are being considered that will directly impact you.

View our Consultations. 


Undertaken after a service has been received so we can gauge customer satisfaction.

STAR (Survey of Tenants and Residents)

A biennial survey undertaken with tenants and leaseholders to seek feedback on the areas they live in and the services received.

Housing Surgeries

Quarterly face-to-face sessions with Neighbourhood Co-ordinator for you to discuss concerns and asks questions relating to the service.

Meet the Manager Events

Targeted sessions held in key areas to enable customers to meet Housing Managers and discuss the services they receive.

30 Minutes to 1 Hour

List of Medium Level Engagement Methods
Method Overview

Neighbourhood Walkabouts

Tenants and Leaseholders are invited to join Neighbourhood Co-ordinator a walkabout of their neighbourhood approximately once a year.

Find out more about Estate Walkabouts

Tenant Inspectors

Tenants and Leaseholders are supported once a month to inspect Housing Services to ensure standards are being achieved.

Find out more on how to become a Tenant Inspector 

Mystery Shopping

When we're reviewing a service, customers can help by testing those services to ensure standards are being achieved.

Community Champions

Tenants and Leaseholders can act as a link between their community and the Housing Team, providing direct feedback on how services can be improved.

Social Activity Groups

Independent Living Tenants can form groups to organise activities at their schemes and manage social funds.

Digital Champions

Customers can be trained to help others get online.

Over 1 Hour

List of High Level Engagement Methods
Method Overview

Resident Involvement Group (RIG)

A group of customers who support engagement and considers service improvements at monthly meetings.

Find out dates and more information on the meetings

Housing Performance Group

A group tenants, Leaseholders and elected members who meet quarterly to discuss the monitoring of the Housing Revenue Account Business Plan. They also look at recommendations made through scrutiny reviews.

Task and Finish Groups

Groups of customers who undertake scrutiny reviews of services and make recommendations for improvements at least twice a year. Being involved in a Task and Finish Group can lead to work experience opportunities.

Current task and finish groups 

tel: 0115 917 7777