STAR (Survey of Tenants & Residents)

STAR (Survey of Tenants & Residents)

As part of our commitment to developing and improving the services tenants and leaseholders receive from Broxtowe Borough Council’s Housing Department we conduct STAR every two years.

The results are taken into consideration when plans are being made for future service delivery. STAR is used by a large number of social landlords so we are able to compare the results of our survey against the results of other landlords to assess how we are performing in relation to them.

Responses to the survey will be kept confidential.  A reference number has been allocated to each tenant and leaseholder to enable a more detailed analysis of results to be carried out, for example at an area level. Only a small number of officers will have access to the data which links the unique reference number to your address. Unless you state you wish to be contacted regarding the information you have provided the answers given will remain confidential.

The survey has now closed and the results are being analysed. 

If you have any questions about STAR, please contact:

Housing Services and Strategy Manager

Broxtowe Borough Council

Council Offices

Foster Avenue




Tel: 0115 917 3259

tel: 0115 917 7777