Resident Involvement

Resident Involvement

This page contains information about resident involvement in developing Housing services.

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Definition of Resident Involvement

Resident Involvement is a partnership approach to developing Housing Services.  There are a number of ways available for residents to let us know their views and opinions.  From involvement at home right through to involvement in decision making, residents choose how they make their voice count.

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Importance of Resident Involvement

Residents are central to our business and are best placed to tell us what works and what could work better.  Resident Involvement enables the needs, priorities and aspirations of residents to form the basis of service development.  The minimum requirement for 'tenant involvement and empowerment' is set out in the Homes and Communities Agency's (HCA) Regulatory Framework for Social Housing.

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Getting Involved

There are a number of ways you can get involved and you can choose one or more ways that suit the amount of time you want to commit.

If you're unsure how you want to be involved an easy way to start is by joining our consultation database.  You would be contacted a few times a year to seek your views on services and be sent information about opportunities you may be interested in getting involved with.

  • Home Involvement allows you to let us know your views without the need to attend meetings and for us to keep you informed about services you receive.

  • Community Involvement is an informal way of involving you, usually somewhere close to where you live.

  • Decision Making Involvement allows you to work with officers to make recommendations on how services can be developed, using information gathered through other involvement activities.

  • Wider Involvement is open to involved residents and enables you to become part of regional and national involvement groups.

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Process for Involvement

Complete the 'Your Voice, Your Views' online form (Opens in a New Window) to let us know how you want to be involved or to request further information.

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Experience Required

None. You do not need any previous knowledge or experience to get involved.  Officers will provide relevant support, guidance and information you need to get you started and throughout your involvement.

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Guidance and Support

Officer support is available to guide you through all aspects of your involvement.  You can access free training to assist you with your involvement and get out of pocket expenses reimbursed, in line with the Resident Involvement Expenses Policy. This will be discussed with you at the start of your involvement.

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