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Home Involvement

Home Involvement

Home Involvement allows you to let us know your views without the need for you to attend meetings and for us to keep you informed about the services you receive.

Satisfaction Surveys are sent to residents after a service has been received, such as repairs or modernisations to gather views of the service provided.

Consultation Questionnaires are conducted when changes are being considered that will have a direct impact on residents to seek views on proposals.

STAR (Survey of Tenants and Residents) is conducted every two years to gain an overall view of Housing services to help plan for the future development of Housing services.

Consultation Database is open to all residents to join to take part in surveys, a few times a year, to seek opinion about a specific area and provide information about involvement opportunities. You can join the database by completing the Get Involved form.

Tenant & Leaseholder Matters, the Housing Department's newsletter is produced twice a year and keeps residents informed about the Housing services they receive.

A Year in the Life of Your Landlord, the annual report for tenants, provides residents with details of how the services they receive have performed over the financial year and what improvement plans have been put in place for the following year.

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