Your Neighbourhood

This page contains details of the Council's commitment to HEAR, listen and respond to improve neighbourhoods. Also what we expect from residents living within our neighbourhoods.

HEAR Neighbourhoods

The Housing Department is committed to working with local communities and partner agencies to improve the quality of life in our neighbourhoods.  To achieve this, the Council is outlining a vision, or standard, that it wants each neighbourhood to achieve within its housing stock.  The Council will do this by using the following approach and values:

HEAR, listen and respond to improve neighbourhoods

HOUSING are focused on working together with tenants and leaseholders to provide safer neighbourhoods for communities to enjoy.

The Housing team is committed to working together with local communities and partners to improve neighbourhoods.

ENGAGE and share ideas on improvement projects.

We will encourage tenants and leaseholders to get involved in their neighbourhoods, meeting with their Neighbourhood Coordinators and getting involved in ideas and improvement projects, particularly in Priority Neighbourhood areas.

ACTIVE in sharing concerns and communicating.

We will respond promptly to address neighbourhood issues where tenants and leaseholders raise issues with us.  We will also use enforcement action against those residents that do not take their responsibilities seriously.  The behaviour of a few can ruin things for the many.

RESPONSIBILITY, as everyone has a role to play in our neighbourhoods.

We will work closely with tenants and leaseholders to engage and promote the responsibility of all residents within neighbourhoods, to prevent common neighbourhood issues, such as litter, dog fouling, graffiti and fly-tipping.  As well as other neighbourhood concerns, such as Anti-Social Behaviour.  We will also ensure that we are working proactively to address issues within our neighbourhoods that are our responsibility, such as grounds maintenance, lighting, paths, signage and security.  This will hopefully improve neighbourhoods for all that live with them.


As a Council, as part of looking after your neighbourhood, we endeavour to ensure that: As a resident, as part of looking after your neighbourhood, you will ensure that:
  • We undertake regular inspections within neighbourhoods to ensure they are safe places to live

  • We investigate any neighbourhood issues reported to us

  • Neighbourhoods are free from graffiti and litter, fly tipping and dog fouling

  • Areas of grounds are well maintained

  • Signage is appropriate and clear

  • Communal doors are in working order

  • Parking areas are free from abandoned vehicles, caravans and trailers

  • Marked bays in parking areas and other signage are clear

  • Communal lighting is adequate to ensure safety

  • Meter cupboard doors are present and in working order

  • Communal loft hatches are secure

  • External areas such as fascias, windows and fencing are well maintained

  • We identify any communal Council owned areas that are not being used as intended to ensure the best use for these areas

  • You and those visiting you do not behave in a manner that is likely to cause nuisance and annoyance to other residents

  • Where you have a garden, you will maintain it and keep it to a good standard

  • Where you have a boundary or perimeter hedge, you will maintain it and keep it to a good standard

  • You will not leave or store any items within communal areas (if you do, the Council may remove your belongings and charge you for this)

  • If you have a dog, you are responsible for it.  You will ensure that it is controlled and act to remove fouling immediately

  • All your household waste and recycling is disposed of correctly 

  • You park your vehicle considerately and in an appropriate location

  • No smoking takes place within communal enclosed spaces and you dispose of smoking materials correctly

  • Communal doors are closed

  • You report repairs that are required within your neighbourhood


Housing understand that whilst we want all areas to achieve this standard, different neighbourhoods have their own characteristics and challenges.  The Housing team want to hear from residents to develop bespoke actions to address neighbourhood concerns.

Housing will be concentrating on certain areas at certain times.  Residents within those areas will be contacted at that time.

If you want to discuss any concerns about your neighbourhood and tenancy, please contact or 0115 917 3400.

If you want to get more involved in your neighbourhood, visit our Housing Engagement page for details of how you can do so, or contact or 0115 917 3935.

tel: 0115 917 3400