Chilwell - HEAR From You

This page contains details of recent consultation undertaken with residents living on Great Hoggett Drive, Oak Acres and adjoining roads.

Chilwell – HEAR From You Consultation Responses

This page contains details of recent consultation undertaken with residents living on Great Hoggett Drive, Oak Acres and adjoining roads. 

We invited all residents in the area to let us know what their top three concerns were and what issues are affecting their neighbourhood.  As a result of the consultation events were held in the area to address some of the issues highlighted and plans for further works are being planned.

A summary of responses received are detailed in the table below, along with action the Council is considering or going to take to address these:


Summary of Consultation Responses
Consultation Response*  Neighbourhood Theme Actions to be considered/taken

Clean the rubbish up from the street, such as dumped large items


Rubbish and fly tipping

The Council will be coordinating a number of events targeting gardens, litter and bulky items.

The Council will monitor the effectiveness of this approach by pro-actively inspecting and being present in the neighbourhood following this to ensure that any issues are proactively followed up on.

Council should collect fly tipping


Rubbish and fly tipping

As above


The Council also offers a bulky waste collection service to residents at the cost of £13 per order and £7 per item.

Improve litter collection



Rubbish and fly tipping

As above.

The Council is also increasing the regularity of its litter picking over recent weeks and the coming months

There is a responsibility on all residents to correctly dispose of litter, rubbish and recycling using the methods provided by the Council.

Fines for flytipping


Rubbish and fly tipping

There are two potential routes for addressing this that the Council has.

If items are dumped on the street, the Council’s Neighbourhood Wardens will investigate to see if fines can be issued. Fly tipping(Opens in a New Window) can be reported online.

If it is within residents own gardens, the Council’s Housing Team can issue a range of punitive measures. These could be warnings on tenancies or by issuing Community Protections Notices which can lead to Fixed Penalty Notices.

We would prefer to work with residents regarding this rather than issuing fines, so if residents are struggling and need to get household items removed, please contact us using the contact details on this document.


Council to maintain hedges between pathways


Poor maintenance of grounds

Over the comings months, the Council will cut and tidy all hedges within the neighbourhood.

The Council will consider whether it cuts hedges and maintains further elements of properties in the coming year.

Some residents will be aware that some services are now charged for, and the charges and what is included is reviewed on an annual basis. If more services are provided, charges could be increased accordingly. Any changes to charging arrangements will either be consulted on with those affected or residents will receive the required notice, depending on the extent of the change.


Residents need to tidy their gardens


Poor maintenance of grounds

For those residents that are Council tenants, this is part of the tenancy agreement. Similarly, it is part of leases and part of Planning Legislation for other residents within the Neighbourhood.

The Council would however like to work with residents regarding these matters rather than take punitive measures.

As mentioned above, the Council is planning to address this over the comings weeks and will increase inspections following this.


Stop parking on pavements



Vehicle related issues, such as parking problems

The Council will review all land it owns in the immediate areas and assess if any is underutilised and could be converted to parking.

If residents wish to install driveways, where they can and are able, they can request permission from the County Council to install a dropped kerb and those who are tenants have the right to request alterations and improvements in accordance with their secure tenancy agreement. These works would be completed at tenants own cost.

More cars meaning less places to park

Vehicle related issues, such as parking problems

As above.

Parking is an issue in many neighbourhoods as the number of cars and car ownership has increased.

The Council does not deal with anti-social behaviour


The Council currently has 4 ongoing investigations of Anti-Social Behaviour within the neighbourhood and since the start of 2020, has had 29 investigations that it has undertaken.  There appears to be no significant increase or decrease. These figures do not take into account the severity or length of time issues are ongoing.

The Council can only investigate what is reported and does rely on residents to report it and assist the Council in its investigations, by keeping diaries or downloading the NoiseApp.

The Neighbourhood Coordinators for the area, your Neighbourhood Coordinators are able to discuss Anti-Social Behaviour with you. These conversations are always in confidence and you can decide what action, if any, you wish the Council to take. We are happy to just have a conversation with you and issue you advice. The action that the Council is able to take is dependent on the amount of evidence that the Council has and the nature of the behaviour that is being encountered.

Officers will be present at the upcoming event to answer and discuss any concerns that you have and if you would rather discuss things in more detail one on one, we are happy to make those arrangements to suit you.

The Council will be considering and communicating with resident’s further ways in which it can encourage reporting of anti-social behaviour in the neighbourhood as it is of community concern and there appears that there is the possibility of under reporting.

More consideration regarding allocation of properties and who to




Within the Council’s Allocations Policy, it does have the ability to make Local Lettings Policies or Sensitive Lets, to allow for different allocation criteria to be used.

When areas have had experienced significant ASB, perhaps where an eviction has taken place for instance, that has had a negative impact on neighbours, the Council will consider changing its allocations processes on the next or future lettings over a period of time.

The Council is constantly reviewing the usage of Sensitive Lets and Local Lettings Policies that it has in place within the Broxtowe Borough.

CCTV to prevent ASB and flytipping


The number of reports of ASB and crime to the Council and the Police impacts the level of response for the agencies involved.

The presence of CCTV in housing areas is under regular review, with installations removed or installed where issues dictate.

There is CCTV currently in situ on Oak Acres.

According to reports received by the Council, there is no increase in incidents of ASB being reported to the Council.

Groups of children running around on the street, nothing for younger people to do

ASB/Nothing for younger people to do

As part of this neighbourhood review and strategy, any open spaces that the Council owns, it will consider changing for the benefit of the community as a whole. There are very few areas of land that are available to convert to any kind of play or community facility, as excess land that the Council identified that is sizeable is prioritised for new housing development, such as the Inham Nook Pub.

The Council partners with L Leisure Ltd to provide its leisure, recreation and cultural activities and they organise a number of events that are focused on children, including the Chilwell Play Day this summer at Inham Nook Recreation Ground. 


*Where similar consultation responses have been received, they have been amalgamated.

To contact your Neighbourhood Coordinator email us at or call 0115 917 3400.


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