Aids & Adaptations frequently asked questions
  • Q:  What sort of adaptations are available?

    A:  Basically, anything that makes it possible for you or a member of your family to live comfortably in your home. Items most frequently asked for are handrails, ramps to make access to front or back doors easier, special showers to help with bathing and stair lifts.

  • Q:  Will I have to move?

    A:  You will not be forced to move however in some cases the Council may not consider the adaptation request to be a reasonable or practical solution. In such circumstances the Housing department may offer you a property that is considered to be a suitable alternative to your existing property.

  • Q:  Will my rent go up if I have my home adapted?

    A:  Your rent will not go up as a result of any adaptations to your home. Your service charge will also not increase due to any adaptations.

  • Q:  What do I do?

    A:  Contact an Occupational Therapist at Social Care Services to discuss what you need. Or, if you prefer, contact your Housing Officer and ask that they write to an Occupational Therapist on your behalf. We will not contact an Occupational Therapist without your permission.

  • Q:  Once the Occupational Therapist has been contacted, how long will it take to get adaptations carried out to my home?

    A:  Unfortunately, the process is not a speedy one. It can take up to three months before you receive a first visit from an Occupational Therapist who will assess your case. Once the Occupational Therapist's report is received, it is assessed by our Adaptations Officer and further investigations may be required


Aids & Adaptations
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