This page contains information about our Lifeline service.

Apply for Lifeline

If you are of state pensionable age or have a disability or illness and you live in non-sheltered accommodation within the Borough of Broxtowe you will be eligible for inclusion on our Lifeline waiting list.  If you have any questions or would like to apply for a Lifeline please contact us using the details for the area you live in. You can find out more about Lifelines by telephone (0115 917 3358) or email (

Details about Lifeline

Lifeline can offer peace of mind and security to older people and people with disabilities/illnesses, allowing them to live independently in their own home.

The Lifeline unit works through your telephone point and calls through to the Tunstall Response call centre. Each unit has a pendant, which can be worn around the wrist or around the neck. When the specially coded pendant is activated it will work from anywhere in your home or garden (typically up to 50m radio range).

All calls are answered by the Tunstall Response call centre staff, who will do all they can to help, whatever the problem. One of their first duties is to reassure the caller whilst also making contact with the person or service required. In order to contact the appropriate person, some personal information will be required, for example, your doctor, medical details, nearest relative or friends and key holders.  This information is held in the strictest confidence.


The Lifeline home unit is connected to the mains power supply and the telephone line. For installation within 10 working days you must have a modern plug in telephone point and a 13 amp power socket within 1.5 metres of each other. These facilities are not provided by Broxtowe Borough Council, but the Council's officers will be pleased to offer guidance regarding these matters.


There is a small weekly cost for the Lifeline service, which is inclusive of the equipment, installation, 24 hour emergency cover and any repairs or replacement equipment of your Lifeline unit. Please contact us for further details.


tel: 0115 917 7777