Housing Performance

Housing Performance

This page contains information on Housing Performance.

The Housing department has recently introduced a set of "Top 10" performance indicators which are monitored monthly.

These are:

  1. Overall Satisfaction

  2. Gas Safety

  3. Average Relet Time

  4. Void Rent Loss

  5. Staff Sickness

  6. Staff Engagement

  7. Complaints

  8. Keeping In Touch (KIT) Visits

  9. Estate Inspections

  10. Tenancy Turnover

As well as the "Top 10", we also use benchmarking to look at similar organisations and compare our results to help drive improvements and offer value for money. By benchmarking, we can also learn from others and provide evidence to support decision making.

We are currently members of HouseMark and the Association for Public Sector Excellence (APSE). Recently, we were nominated for the APSE 2015's "Most Improved" award in Housing Repairs.

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