STAR (Survey of Tenants & Residents)

STAR (Survey of Tenants & Residents)

As part of our commitment to developing and improving the services tenants and leaseholders receive from Broxtowe Borough Council’s Housing Department we conduct STAR every two years.

With the last issue of the Tenant and Leaseholder Matters we included our annual STAR (Survey of Tenants and Residents) survey.

Thank you to everyone who returned a completed questionnaire. Results of the survey showed that:

Service Provided by Broxtowe Borough Council

86% Satisfied

Overall Quality of Homes

87% Satisfied

Neighbourhood as a Place to Live

84% Satisfied

The way the Housing Department Deals with Repairs and Maintenance

84% Satisfied

Broxtowe Borough Council Listens to Your Views and Acts Upon Them

71% Agree

Rent Provides Value For Money

89% Agree

Retirement Living Tenants Service Charge Provides Value for Money

72% Agree

We have identified the need to improve how we listen to your views and how we act upon them. We have already begun work to improve how we learn from the complaints we receive and use them to improve our services.

tel: 0115 917 7777