Gas Central Heating

Gas Central Heating

The Heating Installation Process

Gas Central Heating

We replace a number of heating systems each year which have reached their life expectancy and are beyond economical repair. A comprehensive boiler selection process has recently been concluded by tenants and members of the Capital Works section and Worcester boilers have been selected. These boilers offer long-term benefits including 7-year parts and labour warranties and are graded SEDBUK A which means they are highly energy efficient and very economical to use.

Following the annual service regime, we give priority to replacement of boilers which may be coming close to the end of their useful life and may result in breakdown and inconvenience to residents, boilers which have prematurely broken down in advance of their life expectancy, or boilers installed in homes where they cannot effectively provide sufficient heating where a medical need has been identified by medical professionals.

A list of properties involved in the replacement programme will be identified on the Council's website at the beginning of each new financial year.

What is a Condensing Combination Boiler?A picture of a Worcester boiler.

The high efficiency condensing combi, or combination boiler, is an ingenious space-saving idea that replaces the old traditional style of boilers.

The major difference between a combi and other boiler types is that they eliminate the need to store hot water in a hot water cylinder found in airing cupboards. The combi boiler provides both hot water to your taps and heat to the radiators on demand. The space saving results from the fact that hot water storage cylinders and cold water storage tanks are no longer needed.

One of the main benefits of the combi is that there is hot water available whenever you need it, no more waiting for the water tank to heat up which means significant cost saving on gas used ( it only heats the amount of water that you want to use at that time).

A picture of thermostatic radiator valves.Thermostatic Radiator Valves

Thermostatic radiator valves will be fitted to the top of your new radiators and will give greater temperature control for each individual room.

They are fitted to the top of the radiator to comply with the latest lifetimes homes standards.

Roof Insulation

During a heating replacement programme the contractor will check the level of the loft insulation and increase it if required. This will ensure maximum thermal efficiency for your home.


Access to service, maintain or replace any gas appliance is extremely important. Therefore we request your full cooperation in providing reasonable access to your home.

Advice on Energy suppliers

With energy companies offering a wide range of tariffs it is difficult to decide what is the best deal for you and which supplier to use

If you would like assistance in finding out what tariff is best for you contact the Energy Saving Trust using the details below.


If you experience a problem during an installation you can contact Vinshires on 0800 731 6494.

If you have a problem with an existing heating system, please contact Broxtowe Borough Council on 0115 917 3838. You can also use this number for out of hours assistance.

Smell Gas?

If you smell gas, call National Grid on 0800 111 999.

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