Repairs Information

Repairs Information

Useful Information & Frequently Asked Questions

Am I able to make improvements / alterations to the property?

Yes, you can alter and improve your property but need to write to us first to obtain our written consent to carry out any works. You need to obtain our permission for any improvements, alterations or additions you wish to undertake ranging from the installation of laminate flooring to the construction of a conservatory or extension. Please write to the Building Maintenance Manager, Broxtowe Borough Council, Directorate of Technical and Works Services, giving us details regarding what you intend to do and who will do it.

When am I due for a gas service?

Your gas appliances and pipe-work will be checked for safety every 12 months. We will contact you within 12 months of your previous service to arrange your current service. If you have not been contacted, please phone Customer Services on 0115 9177777 Option 4 to arrange your annual service.

Do you repair and maintain cookers/fridges?

If the council have supplied and installed your cooker or fridge, we will maintain it. The majority of cookers and fridges within the Borough, however, are not the council's responsibility. 

I have damp mould in the property and think it is condensation, what can I do about it?

Many properties suffer from high levels of moisture, particularly between October and April when it is colder outside. Please read our handy hints leaflet regarding "Condensation" for further details about this. If you are concerned that the problems you are encountering are not related to condensation, please contact our Customer Services section.

My decorations have been damaged, can I have a decoration allowance?

If we have damaged your decorations when carrying out repairs we will compensate you for the damage caused or put right the damage ourselves. This will be in accordance with the approved scales.

Why do I have to wait for the planned maintenance programme before I can get my repairs completed?

Many of the repair requests received are for non-urgent works. It is uneconomical to carry out these works in a reactive manner. Works of this nature are therefore planned to ensure they are carried out in a cost effective way. Each year we carry out a planned maintenance programme carrying out repairs to roofing, gutters, fascias and brickwork. Your non-urgent repair request may be carried out in this manner. 

What repairs am I responsible for?

As a tenant or leaseholder, you are responsible for certain repairs within your property. These repairs are detailed on the website

tel: 0115 917 7777