Mediation FAQs

Mediation FAQs

Frequently asked questions about how mediation works

Mediation logoIn 10 years the service has dealt with over 700 cases, with many more enquiries and appeals for assistance. This in turn means that we have dealt with over 2,500 residents within the borough of Broxtowe.

Over these 10 years we have come across a few frequently asked questions and we would like to take this opportunity to answer a few. 


Q:  What is Mediation?

A:  Mediation is where two or more parties in dispute invite an impartial third party to help them find a resolution.

Q:  Why Mediation?

A:  Mediation is a non-confrontational and constructive approach for neighbours with issues.

Q:  Who can use Broxtowe Borough Mediation Service?

A:  The service is FREE to all who live within the borough of Broxtowe.

Q:  What kind of disputes does Broxtowe Mediation Services deal with?

A:  Noise, Boundary's, hedges, harassment, and verbal abuse. We will consider any issues you raise.

Q:  What is the role of the Mediator?

A:  The mediator will sensitively listen, help you explore your concerns and exchange agreed information. Mediators will use shuttle mediation with your neighbour to help everyone understand each other's issues, before considering the need for a face to face meeting. Mediators use neighbours suggestions to work towards a realistic agreement, they can both live with.

Q:  What are the benefits of Mediation?

A:  It gives residents a choice in how they deal with conflict. It works for residents who want a say in the way in which they live with their neighbours. It's FREE! You volunteer to take part, the whole process is confidential, our mediators remain impartial and the service is independent of any other authority.

Q:  Do we have to sit in the same room as our neighbours?

A:  One of the misconceptions that many people have with mediation is that we all have to sit together, but this is not the case. We tailor our mediation process to suit the parties involved.

Q:  Can We Enforce Legislation?

A:  No, we offer an alternative to enforcement action; we help you find the right agreement for you.

Q:  What is Shuttle Mediation?

A:  As you would imagine, like a shuttle we go between parties clarifying issues and helping them look for common ground.

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