Fun Fairs

Fun Fairs

Fun Fairs take place across the Borough every year bringing exciting rides and games to our local parks. Here you can find out more about when and where the next Fun Fairs are coming.

Bramcote Hills Fun Fair with Ferris Wheel and Tea Cups. Photo by Phil Heath Photography

The bigger Fun Fairs in the Borough are all run by Michael McKean of McKean's Fun Fairs. McKean's have been running these fairs in the Borough for over ten years.

Smaller Fun Fairs take place in association with major events at the Borough's parks and recreation grounds. These include events like the Hemlock Happening which takes place every year in Bramcote Hills Park.

Other fairs are organised on private land in the borough.

Families from across the Borough come every year to enjoy all the fun of the fair, so why not head on over to your local park the next time the fair is in town.

Photo by Phil Heath Photography

Upcoming Funfairs 2019
Venue Dates

Bramcote Hills Park, Bramcote

Friday 12 April - Monday 22nd April

Dovecote Lane Recreation Ground, Beeston

Thursday 2 May - Monday 6 May

Inham Nook Recreation Ground, Chilwell

Thursday 20 June - Sunday 23 June

Manor Farm Recreation Ground, Toton

Thursday 8 August - Sunday 11 August

Bramcote Hills Park, Bramcote

Thursday 22 August - Monday 26 August

Jubilee Park, Eastwood

Thursday 5 September - Sunday 8 September

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