Brownfield Land Register

Brownfield Land Register

Broxtowe Borough Council is a pilot authority for the Government's brownfield land register.

The Government has set out its commitment to introduce a statutory brownfield register and ensure that 90% of suitable brownfield sites have planning permission for housing by 2020.

The registers are intended set out information on brownfield sites which are suitable for housing development using a consistent set of information across council areas.

The requirement for councils to prepare Brownfield Registers comes into effect in April 2017. To inform the content and format of the final registers the Government invited Local Authorities to bid to become Brownfield Land Register pilots in February 2016.

Broxtowe Borough Council submitted a successful joint bid with Gedling, Nottingham and Rushcliffe Councils and the councils have worked together to review the approach and provide feedback to Government.

The pilot register and accompanying spatial information can be viewed here or downloaded here

Please note that whilst the information in the register is based on the Council's Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment, the register is provided for information only and the formal duty to publish a register will commence in April 2017.


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