Preferred Approach To Site Allocations: Green Belt Review

Preferred Approach To Site Allocations: Green Belt Review

The Council have consulted on the Green Belt Review which forms an important part of the evidence base for the site allocations part of the new Broxtowe Local Plan (part 2).

This new plan follows the Aligned Core Strategy (Part 1 Local Plan) and the Council welcomed your views on this discussion document.

Ashfield, Broxtowe, Gedling and Nottingham City Councils have worked jointly to prepare evidence to support their emerging Local Plans including a Green Belt Assessment Framework. The Green Belt Assessment Framework can be found under the Documents section of this page and was itself was subject to a separate consultation in the autumn of 2014. The appraisals within the Green Belt Review are consistent with this shared framework. The Green Belt Review is the result of the assessment of the existing Green Belt within the Borough; the Green Belt has been scored against the purposes of the Green Belt criteria and subsequently recommends areas across the borough for removal from the Green Belt.

How to view the proposed Green Belt Review document

Electronic copies of the discussion document and supporting documents can be found under the 'Documents' section.

The consultation is now closed.

What happens next?

It is intended that the sites that the Council are recommending for allocation and the Development Management Policies when both are finalised will be combined into one part 2 Local Plan which will then be published for a further round of consultation prior to being formally submitted for Examination to the Planning Inspectorate.


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