Preferred Approach To Site Allocations: Green Belt Review

Preferred Approach To Site Allocations: Green Belt Review

In February 2015 Broxtowe published a Preferred Approach to Site Allocations (Green Belt Review) document.

The document contained assessments of the Green Belt boundaries within the borough, scoring them against the purposes of the Green Belt and subsequently recommended areas for removal from the Green Belt in order to meet the development requirements of the Core Strategy.

The methodology for undertaking the Green Belt Review follows the Green Belt Review Background Paper and a more detailed approach which was jointly prepared (by Ashfield, Broxtowe, Gedling and Nottingham City Councils) as set out in the Green Belt Assessment Framework. The Green Belt Assessment Framework was itself subject to a separate consultation in the autumn of 2014 the responses were considered before finalising the framework.

Documents required by Regulation:

In accordance with the Cabinet recommendation the Council undertook a public consultation. A summary of the consultation document including the sites recommended for removal from the Green Belt was also prepared for the consultation.

The consultation ran from 9th February 2015 until 23rd March 2015.


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